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MoneyMakerTalk monthly publication now finally ready for 2019 launch and is another great new additional to the HomeBizInternational package.

As the HomeBizInternational website we are coupling the publication with the very professional SoManyHits platform which we will 'piggy-back' to allow this to go viral.

The other huge advantage for HomeBizInternational members is that this particular flip-book type publication is very popular for indexing on Google, which means great exposure for Advertisers.

Your advertising size and position is dictated purely by your level of SoManyHits membership, which is detailed on the HomeBizInternational website.

There is really now so much for so little cost on HomeBizInternational.


Showing a professional approach and you are half way there into convincing a new prospect to join your Business. By using your own HomeBizHQ Online Office you immediately give a professional approach by inviting the prospect as a Guest to your personal branded office, where it is simple to share your website/s. They will immediately see you have invested in creating a professional image and are more likely to join you. You can chat, voice talk, video chat, share screen all in one place and invite the Guest/Prospect back as many times as you want to answer questions before closing the sale.


Why is having your own Branded Online Home Business Office such a good idea?

There is the old adage, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"

In the traditional offline Business World, you would do this by having an upmarket office at a trendy address....which of course is going to cause you thousands of dollars.

In the Online World, all you have been able to do to date is to get lost with the thousands of other home business people on Facebook or other Platforms. So many is not such a good thing, because all are bombarding each other with numerous business opportunities. It is simply a numbers game in getting your message across.

At HomeBizInternational we believe 'less is more' as with one of the benefits of membership being a Branded Online Office in a Graphical format with an amazing range of benefits, you can get more focused attention on YOUR business by sharing in the HomeBizHQ setting amongst other members or Guests who you invite.

Guests will be impressed, as they will see that you are serious about your Business by investing in being involved in such a Graphical Platform.....which by the way the whole package only costs a little over $1 per day.

You have a Platform where you can interact professionally and present professionally, which in turn will make it more likely that the Guest or Member will get involved with your Home Business. People purchase from those they trust and this gives them a very good first impression of you and has more possibility of creating a sale than random posting in Groups on other Platforms.

The Online Office is very simple and can be learned in a very short space of time!

Check out what it is all about at our Platform https://homebizinternational.com which with our own HomeBizRendezvous offers the ULTIMATE communication and interaction mediums for the Home Business Person.


Would you do this?


  • Fill out a 20 second application form
  • Fill out a 2 minute ‘no obligation’ Travel Survey
  • Listen in the background to a Webinar of huge savings you can make on Travel Bookings


To get this?


  • Invitation to the FREE closed TravelClub.Fun Facebook Group where you can talk Travel with members. Find out the best places to go and all the pitfalls too to make your travel safer
  • Interact OFFLINE with other TravelClub.Fun members when you go on holiday and get the local knowledge, make new friends and maybe find a new Travel Buddy.
  • Drop in OFFLINE on any TravelClub.Fun Events where you are travelling and meet new people. Travel Club.Fun does not talk Books (like a Book Club), we talk Travel and have more fun!
  • Arrange TravelClub.Fun Home Fun Travel-Themed Events where you can invite others to enjoy food and drink from the themed country, or just participate in a TravelClub.Fun Event.
  • Build a network of travel connections which you can use when you travel for assistance, meet-ups, safety tips etc.
  • Get a 50/50 share of commission on any RV Rental Global Bookings through our own RV Business
  • Get a FREE Travel Saving website where the price is beaten the majority of the time against the big online websites
  • Get even bigger savings of e.g. $2000 + on just one week of hotel booking against sites such as Booking.com, Expedia etc......if you opt to join as a Business member
  • Fun members can replicate exactly what we do if they want to build their own Travel Business.


If you will......


.....then go to our Mobile Virtual Business Card at http://www.travelclub.fun , follow the simple steps and get into the Travel Business and start having some fun in the Travel arena!

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